Several Texas cities are budgeting big for Christmas this year.

There's no way around it... Christmas is expensive. Even if you purchase everything at a discounted price, it all adds up. And each year, the amount you need to budget for grows. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that each person this year will spend an average of $967.

What's your budget this year?

You don't have to answer that, but you can compare your number to the averages of cities across the country. It could make you feel better... or worse, depending on how you look at it. You may think your number isn't that high or you may envy those with bigger numbers.

Any way you slice it, Texas looks like a big spender.

WalletHub recently compiled a list of holiday budgets for cities all across the U.S. (570 to be exact). They looked at income, age, savings-to-monthly expenses and more to determine about how much the average person would spend in each of those cities. This is good, because now I can tell my husband "at least I'm not spending like they do in Naperville!"

Here are the top 10 cities with the biggest projected budgets for Christmas 2017:

1. Naperville, Illinois $2,381
2. Sugar Land, Texas $2,368
3. Bellevue, Washington $2,367
4. Sunnyvale, California $2,360
5. Carmel, Indianapolis $2,330
6. Milpita, California $2,262
7. League City, Texas $2,225
8. Maple Grove, Minnesota $2,221
9. Allen, Texas $2,163
10. Columbia, Maryland $2,027

From there you drop down into "one-derland" with budgets under $2,000. Notice how many Texas cities are in the top 10 alone. There were 14 Texas cities in the top 100 alone. Louisiana's first city came in at number 247 with a $667 budget, while Arkansas landed its first city at number 362 with a budget of $571.

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