When is enough enough? Well, for a judge in Texas 5 DWI's is enough. Stephen Andrew Hall, of Fort Worth, Texas was sentenced to 45 years after being convicted of his 5th DWI.

I saw this unbelievable story at TIME.com and just couldn't believe that someone could get convicted four previous times and STILL not learn their lesson! Drinking and driving is against the law for a reason; people can get killed or seriously injured as a result of drunk driving.

It is a miracle that in his 59 years, Hall has not hurt someone already. I applaud the judicial system in Texas for this lengthy sentence. My nephew was hit by a car in the "control" of a drunk driver. He survived, but with sever brain damage and will never be able to live an independent life. All because someone decided to get behind the wheel drunk.

I am sad that it took FIVE times for this joker to finally be taken off the roads. I guess some people never learn.

As for parole...Hall will have to serve at least 11 years  of his 45 year sentence.