Do You Believe That Public Service Officers Need to Be a Certain Size?

If you think public service officers can be any size think again. The Texas Department of Public Safety is changing the game.

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Lose It or Lose the Job?

There is a new policy that has everyone turning their heads wondering how Texas Troopers are going to pull it off. The controversial policy forces officers who are considered overweight to slim down. The crazy part is they are on a time crunch to shed the pounds.

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This New Policy is Not Based on Weight, It's Based on the Size of Their Waist.

According to the Dallas Morning News, men with waists sizes over 40 inches and women over 35 inches will now have to make a serious effort to lose weight and they are having to track and share their weight loss efforts with their supervisors. Over 200 Texas state troopers will need to drop weight before the end of the year.

What Happens if the Texas State Troopers Can't Shed the Pounds?

The officers can face disciplinary actions by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Plus, the officers won't be allowed to receive promotions, they can't get overtime, and they can even get removed from enforcement duties altogether. Many officers are on a mission to shed pounds before December. The Texas Department of Public Safety claims that the policy is designed to "keep good health and physical fitness for officers". This new policy affects about 4,000 officers.


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