16-year-old Lane Kiesling was given a warning 3 weeks ago about how his bangs did not conform with the Hico High School's dress code.  According to the report from NBCDFW, the teen told his mom - but lack of funds and transportation prevented Lane from getting a proper haircut.  On Tuesday, HHS informed Kiesling that a teacher with a cosmetology degree would cut his hair after school.  Lane claims that he was pulled out of class, in front of his peers, and greeted by a teacher with what looks like craft scissors.

According to Lane, what happened next was so embarrassing - he can't go back to school.  Allegedly, the teacher gave him a "Dumb and Dumber" haircut.  The 16-year-old student claims that when he was taken back to class, he was met with "laughter and mockery," which he endured for the rest of the school day.

Lane and his mother point out that the school's dress code says that if a student's hair doesn't conform, the ultimate corrective action is In School Suspension (ISS), not a forced haircut.

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