If you are looking for a unique and memorable family vacation this summer, why not pop over to Uvalde, Texas?  This beautiful, Hill-Country town is the Honey Capital of the World for production of huajilloand is also the nearest town to a sprawling 18,000 acre ranch known as Drivetanks.

Drivetanks is a one of a kind vacation spot, but if you are looking for some peaceful rest and relaxation - you'd better pick someplace else.  This particular "resort" focuses more on firepower than relaxing vistas and margaritas.  At Drivetanks, you can take them quite literally - you go there to drive tanks and shoot stuff with them.  Former Houston police officer and Green Beret Todd DeGidio puts his collection at your disposal (for a fee).  Prices can range from $300 to $30,000 for experiences like driving a freaking Sherman Tank and shooting a car with it.

It's not just tanks - DeGidio has machine guns, mortars, and tons of military and law-enforcement grade weapons and ammunition for you to choose from.  Just to clarify, you can take the whole family as there is no age restriction whatsoever.

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