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Brussel sprouts, I don’t eat brussel sprouts! I also don’t eat lima beans. Ew! I distinctly remember trying to get the dog to eat the vegetables I didn't like by dropping them on the floor. Yes, I lived in one of those clean your plate type of homes. I felt vindicated when even the dog turn his nose up at the brussel sprouts!

I really, really dislike those two dishes. It turns out I'm not the only to have an aversion to several big hearty Thanksgiving-like meal items. I turned to Facebook to find out what you won't eat and you were quite forthcoming!

Tiffani Walker
I don't eat mushrooms, beets, avocados, or cranberry sauce.

D Peter Maus
I don't eat canned asparagus. Everything else is on the table.

Cherie Ash
Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes

John Pumilio
Cranberry Sauce

Patrick Crawford
Beets, onions, tomatoes, lettuce...this list could get long.

Racheal Hawkins-Cox
Stuffing/dressing yuck

Trey Lankford
Cranberry sauce and Pumpkin Pie

Jean Marie Gaffney Boddie
Cranberry sauce or pecan pie

Rick Shelton
Cranberries. Zip. At all. Nadda

Maggie D. Gilcrease
At the risk of being excommunicated from the South, I do not eat pecan pie

Add your thoughts below and check out the other comments. And while you're there, feel free to give me a follow!

Brussel sprouts, I don’t eat brussel sprouts! I also don’t eat Lima beans

Posted by Erin Bristol on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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