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The rebooted Unsolved Mysteries just dropped their second set of episodes on Netflix this week, and people are once again addicted.

Back in 1987, the show made it's debut on NBC, and unknowingly helped mold an entire generation of online sleuths. The mix of real-life mysteries, and a little dramatization, was so addicting the show was able to survive on broadcast network TV for over a decade. But when it moved from NBC, to CBS, and then off to cable news, it kept going. The show remained on cable TV until 2010, before it was eventually rebooted this year.

So what's up with the Bossier City episode?

Well, unfortunately it's not one with original host Robert Stack. (PLEASE READ THIS IN ROBERT STACK VOICE IN YOUR HEAD) But it's still a compelling story with an Unsolved Mysteries vibe.

The episode in question comes from the Dennis Farina era of the show, which was on Spkie TV. Farina hosted nearly 200 episodes of the show, and because Netflix did not want a host for their reboot, Farina remains as the final host in show history.

This episode comes from Season 8, in episode 12. Its not the lead story of the episode, so you'll have to jump to the 25 minute mark to catch it (unless you want to watch the whole episode. But here's the link straight to the start of the Bossier City story in the episode. 


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