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The Shreveport area has a rich history with major motion picture filming. Even if it didn't last long, the area was able turn out a lot of films in a short window. Among those movies were a pretty good number of spooky films.

Well, it wasn't just films, there were spooky television shows filmed here too, but this list is just the movies.

See, Shreveport was home to filming for some tremendous spooky television too. Including highly rated shows like True Blood and Salem. If we included TV shows, both of those would be on the list, and True Blood would actually be number 1.

The reason that True Blood would be #1 is because we're going to be using the IMDB's user rating system. Which makes True Blood the highest rated project that has filmed in the Shreveport area...according to IMDB users.

So just looking over the movies, they stretch from big budget productions to B-movies. There are movies from different decades included as well. Even though the big Shreveport movie boom came after the year 2000, you will find pre-2000 movies on this list.

Also, we're not going to handicap ourselves with "horror" movies either. Because there are some "suspense" movies that can give you the same spooky feelings that a horror movie can. Plus, not everyone wants to watch a "slasher" style spooky movie, so we want to offer a "spooky" option for everyone. Which is why they're included here.

The 13 Highest Rated Spooky Movies Filmed In Shreveport

For these spooky movies, our location information and user ratings come from IMDB. All of these movies are listed by IMDB to be filmed in Shreveport, even if it was just some scenes, reshoots, or the whole movie.

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