Have you ever checked out GreatSchools.org? The site takes reviews of local schools, grades them out, and ranks the top schools in any area. So I decided to drop Bossier Parish into the system to see what happens. Here's what I found:

#9 - A 5-way Tie with Apollo Elementary, Benton Elementary, Benton High School, Curtis Elementary, and Cope Middle School

All of these schools earned a rating of an 8/10 based on at least 6 ratings. Some of the schools are rated this high with over 30 ratings!

#3 - A tie between Benton Middle School and Stockwell Place Elementary 

These two schools both get a 9/10 score. Stockwell has over 30 ratings, while Benton MS has at least 15. Benton Middle School is also the highest rated middle school on the list.

#1 - A tie between Legacy Elementary and W.T. Lewis Elementary 

Both of these schools pull a solid 10/10 with at least 7 ratings each. Congrats to both of these schools on earning the highest rating in the scale!

If you're interested in more info on the GreatSchools.org methodology or ratings system, check out their info on calculating data here: http://www.greatschools.org/about/ratings.page