The Independence Bowl in Shreveport will continue to be "the bowl that shouldn't exist", and the latest news surrounding the bowl game will make that phrase even more accurate.

News started to leak out this week that the ACC will be pulling out of the Independence Bowl after this December's game. This news comes on the heels of the SEC pulling out of the game as well. Which now leaves the Indy Bowl without Power 5 Conference agreements in the future.

After the news about the SEC's separation came out, the Pac 12 was rumored to be a possible pairing for the bowl game. However, rumors now suggest that the Pac 12 may not have an interest in the game without another Power 5 Conference on the other side of the game.

News of the ACC's decision to leave the Independence Bowl was discussed this morning with Missy Setters, the Executive Director of the Independence Bowl on KEEL.

Now the other part of this dynamic involves the game's current sponsor, Walk-On's. The regional sports bar chain joined the Independence Bowl in 2017 for a three-year deal, with options for more years to be added. This would be the final game of that original deal, and unless Walk-On's comes to an agreement soon, it could be the final year for the sponsorship.

If Walk-On's were to leave, and both the SEC & ACC leave, it will effectively be a hard reset for the Independence Bowl.

With all of the uncertainty on the horizon for the game, there's one thing that we do know for sure. The team who puts on the Independence Bowl locally will continue to work hard, and put everything they have into making the game a great experience for local sports fans, and to make it a great marketing tool for our region. They will do everything to make sure "the bowl that shouldn't exist" continues to prove all the doubters wrong.

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