Despite the coronavirus pandemic, people are determined to incorporate summer activities into their lives. Two-thirds of Americans say summer loses its magic as you get older, probably because everything does. The top reasons summer isn't as fun as an adult are too many responsibilities, not enough time, and you have to work.

Here are the ten old-school summer activities we loved most as kids:

  1. Spending so much time with friends. 44% said it was one of the best parts of summer when they were young.
  2. Bonfires, 31%.
  3. Camping in the woods, 30%.
  4. Swimming pools, 30%.
  5. Family vacations, 27%.
  6. Family reunions, 27%.
  7. Sleepovers, 27%.
  8. Swimming in lakes, rivers, or the ocean, 25%.
  9. Playing outside all day, 25%.
  10. Camping in the backyard, 23%.
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