It's the start to summer... Memorial Day. This day has me craving all of those delicious summer foods.

If you know me, you know that food is my one true love, my bestie, my first language. I can't get enough of food. And with summertime officially kicking off (thanks to Memorial Day weekend), I catch myself dreaming about all of the foods that come with the summer season. I'm talking burgers, watermelon, and more.

And each state does summer differently.

Thanks to Eat This, Not That, we now know the best summer food in every state across this great nation. Whether you agree with their choice for the Ark-La-Tex or not, we can still salivate over these dishes. So let's strap on the old feedbag and jump right in.

Here are the top summer foods for Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas...

Arkansas: Watermelon

Sweet, juicy and crisp, what's not to love about watermelon. It's even surprisingly healthy for you. Not only is it a fruit, but it's high water content fills you up and keeps you from over-eating your other summer favorites. Plus, who doesn't enjoy engaging in a seed-spitting contest now and then?

Louisiana: Crawfish

No surprises here. Crawfish is the boot's summer delicacy. This time of year, you can't go more than a mile without coming across that spicy, savory smell of mudbugs boiling in a pot with corn and potatoes. The best part is, you'll most likely get an invitation to join the peeling, even from a stranger. Crawfish brings people together like that.

Texas: Brisket

Savory, sweet or spicy, you can't deny brisket. Smoke it and smother it in sauce, serve it alone or stuffed in between two slices of bread. Brisket is a love language in its own league. And if you ain't licking your fingers, you ain't doing it right.

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