To stay cool this summer you may be reaching for this... this... frozen thing.

Summer is here so bring on all of the cool treats! I got out of town over Memorial Day weekend and found myself indulging in the same type of Popsicle I have enjoyed since I was a kid. It's a fruit-flavored frozen juice that comes in a long, sleeve. It's something that I have called n Otter Pop since I was little. I'm sure that Otter Pop was the brand name, but it's always stuck with me.

This past weekend however, I found myself being correctly by a friend who said they were "freeze pops."

Obviously, she was wrong, but it did get me thinking about how many different names are used for the same Popsicle. I Googled "Wrong Other names for Otter Pops" and found more people having the same debate online. I also found even more names.

Otter Pop
Ice Pop
Fla-Vor Ice
Zooper Dooper
Ice Poles
Freezy Pops
Giant Freezie
even just plain old "popsicle"

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