Denzel Washington‘s Robert McCall is a busy man. He’s got bad guys to kill and victims to save. He’s so busy he doesn’t even have time to tell you the full title of his new sequel. The Equalizer 2? No no folks, this is EQ2.

Washington’s retired black ops agent has returned to demolish more dudes, and Rotten Tomatoes debuted the first poster for The Equalizer 2 – excuse me, EQ2 – today, featuring his McCall. This time, he’s not getting equal, there [movie trailer voice] is no equal.

We don’t know much about the Antoine Fuqua sequel yet, besides Pedro Pascal‘s casting. The 2014 film, based on the ‘80s crime series starring Edward Woodward, followed Washington’s agent who’s took a break from retirement because, when you’ve got the skills to kill, you never put them to rest. According to Trailer Track, the first trailer from the sequel is bound to hit the internet tomorrow, so stay tuned. Prepare for inequality (wait, that’s doesn’t sound good…) when the sequel hits theaters July 20.

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