Easter weekend thousands of garage sales will be popping up along historic U.S. Highway 80 with bargains for everyone! Once stretching more than 2400 miles across the southern part of the U.S., Highway 80 went from Savannah, GA all the way through to San Diego, CA, but now days the highway has been cut in length. Beginning on east side of Dallas and heading east to Tybee Island, GA this is the only stretch of the original Highway 80 that remains.

On April 14, 15 and 16 a 392 mile stretch of this historic U.S. highway will become the site of one of the nation's longest garage sales. The Hi Way 80 Sale happens twice a year, in the spring and fall and individuals along with businesses along the highway will be setting up shop for the garage sale that will stretch from Mesquite, TX to Jackson, MS.

This garage sale encompasses quite a few East Texas and Louisiana towns, including Longview, Hallsville, Marshall and Waskom in Texas and Greenwood, Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, Gibsland, Aradia and Ruston. With all kinds of businesses opening their doors and with pop up garage sales along the route this year, you will find something to purchase, whether you need it or not! From refrigerators, to crafts, used vehicles, clothes, lawn mowers, trinkets of all kinds, furniture and a wide variety of other things you will find something for you! It may take a couple of stops along the way, but you will find something.

This annual event has been happening now for more than twenty-five years and was created by the East Texas Tourism Board. Let's hope there's some great weather and get out there and shop this historic highway that runs right through East Texas and Louisiana! While you're out there shopping be on the lookout for some great food along the way too!

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