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Dating ALL the way back to Phase 1, citizens and businesses alike have been confused about what can and can't be open in the State of Louisiana. We're 6 months into the pandemic and I don't think the rules and guidelines are any clearer now than they were at the beginning. Case and point, apparently Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in downtown Shreveport has reopened while many other bars and nightclubs are forced to be closed.

The Hustler Club posted the following on their Facebook page yesterday: "Happy Labor Day Weekend! OPEN tonight at 4pm! Come celebrate with $2 Drinks until 11pm!" Now, you probably have the same questions running through your head that ran through mine - how is this possible? Are they breaking the rules? Is there a such thing as a socially distanced lap dance?

Well, turns out, the state has loosened up some of their rules. If you own or operate an 'entertainment center', you can open with approval from the state. It's literally a case by case type situation. Below is a summary of the guidelines for entertainment centers issued by the state:


So, in short, as long as you're not trying to run just a straight up bar there's a good chance you'll be able to open up your business. Now, to be 100% clear, I don't know if Larry Flynt's opened up under the new entertainment center guidelines or if they got a restaurant license or what. Just find it fascinating that they've found a way to open and get back to work while so many other businesses can't.

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