Are you hyped for The Last Jedi yet? Same here. What always impresses me about Lucasfilm and Disney is their ability to release tons of information about their upcoming movies without actually releasing any information at all. We still have no idea what the plotline of The Last Jedi is going to be, despite all the trailers and TV spots and photos and behind-the-scenes reels we’ve seen in the past few months. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy every second of it though.

A new slew of images released courtesy of Entertainment Weekly show plenty of tense moments amongst our heroes, and tease the Dark Side and the Light coming face to face on more than one occasion. Plus, some new looks at Laura Dern’s amazing costume:

The fulcrum against which The Last Jedi will tilt is the push-pull relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren, two individuals whose lives have been shaped by the Force and whose loyalties to their respective causes may find themselves in flux.

“The Resistance is really not that much to her,” the Daisy Ridley said to EW about Rey. “I mean, she’s been left her whole life, and very quickly is eager to sort of help other people, which is wonderful. She wants to be part of something. I mean, everyone wants to be part of something.”

“I think the idea of someone whose parents are very much devoted to the cause, that’s something a lot of people could relate to, whether it be religion or politics or a business,” Adam Driver told EW. “Not identifying with [that cause] yourself, I think, can give someone a complex.”

Mark Hamill also talked about his emotional return to the Millennium Falcon with EW, describing stepping back into the cockpit like “visiting an old house that you lived in when you were a kid.”

I’m telling you, I didn’t expect to have the reaction I had. I was there with my family, with [my children] Nathan and Griffin and Chelsea and my wife Marilou, and [Lucasfilm] asked if the documentary crew could be there when I came back on the Millennium Falcon. I mean, this was not on the shooting day. I was just street clothes and going to visit that set. And I said, ‘Sure.’ It was sort of like visiting an old house that you lived in when you were a kid. I mean, I just welled up with emotion and I said, ‘I need to be by myself.’

He’s come a long way from “What a piece of junk!”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15.

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