While New Orleans Saints fans are still focused on the 2020 season, we Dallas Cowboys fans are looking ahead.

The Saints are currently leading their division in 2020, while the Cowboys are just hoping to end the season with some bit of positivity.

So, with that said, I started to look ahead to the 2021 season and I couldn't help but notice that the Dallas Cowboys will travel to the Superdome next year to play the New Orleans Saints.

While the date and time haven't been set yet, I am still anxious to attend this matchup in the "Big Easy." It's always a lot of fun to bring Cowboys fans into New Orleans to mix in with the "Who Dat Nation."

And yes, I hope that by the time the 2021 NFL season rolls around we have made enough progress in our battle against the Coronavirus so that we can attend live events in the dome.

Traditionally the Saints and Cowboys have played in primetime and we should find out when they'll play by mid-to-late April.

In addition to hosting their regular divisional games and the Cowboys, the Saints are set to host the Giants, Bills, Dolphins and a team from the NFC North in the Superdome in 2021.

But who's looking ahead to 2021?


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