The Office in my opinion is one of the best shows ever on TV which thanks to Netflix I've seen at least 4 times all the way through. For many people it's the show you watch when you can't find anything else to watch even though you've seen them all. Yes, even those last few seasons without Michael Scott.

Recently it was announced that we will be getting a brand new season after years of the show being off air. But you might not know there's episodes on youtube that were never in the regular series! The Accountants is definitely worth watching where it just focuses on our three favorite accountants from the office. There's also episodes showing everyone in the office which you can watch below...

Kelly and Erin made a music video while most of The Office was away.

Gabe was always by far the creepiest character to me and this just goes to prove my point!

Fun Fact, Creed Bratton's real name is actually Creed Bratton and in real life he really was in a band... Here's an episode all about Creed!

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