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With all of the rain we have had, and have coming, serious flooding is a serious concern for pretty much everyone in our area.  Now, the big wet elephant in the room (A.K.A. the Red River) has passed a critical mark known as the "flood stage" - and officials are concerned.  Whenever the Red passes 30 feet at the gauge site, the river is considered to be in a state of minor flooding and could threaten lives, property, business, or travel.

As you can see from the National Weather Service's (NWS) readout from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers observation point near downtown Shreveport, the river has surpassed the flood stage by 1.02 feet and rising as of the time of this report.  It has actually been above the minor flood stage since Thursday, but the concerning part is how far above it the river has risen.  Luckily, it is projected to recede back to normal levels by Wednesday morning, but this depends on how accurately meteorologists with the NWS have predicted the amount of rainfall we get between now and then.

If you need sandbags, there are a number of locations in the area ready to provide them.  Find a list of places nearby by going here, and be careful.  If you are driving and can't see how deep the water is, or think you could maybe make it - turn around.  The vast majority of flood casualties occur in vehicles.

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