Standing tall for 50 years, the orange Oil Derrick at Six Flags Over Texas will be celebrating the milestone birthday on May 24th.

Seen as one of the major landmarks at the park, the Oil Derrick opened May 24, 1969. The 300 foot tall oil derrick serves as an observation deck that offers up unprecedented views of north central Texas. On clear days park guests can take in views from twenty miles away. This attraction was the first ever observation tower to ever be build in a theme park and is still offering up some great views.

When it first opened there was a huge slide off the side of it's 75' landing. Looking back at old pictures featuring the Oil Derrick, you can tell a lot has changed around it at Six Flags, but one thing remains, the bright orange Oil Derrick.

While working for Six Flags in the mid 90's, I got to do something that not even a lot of the employees at the park got to do, I got to walk down the stairs of the 300' structure nearly every Sunday. It was an experience that I will never forget while carrying buckets of quarters that were taken from the telescopes that were perched at the top. It was a workout even going down the stairs!

So I'd like to wish the Oil Derrick at Six Flags Over Texas a Happy 50th Birthday too!

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