When you go out in the Ark-La-Tex, you will meet all ten of these girls. We've got the "Sloppy Drunk" girl, the "I Know The Owner" girl, and every girl in between. This list is TOO accurate.

Not too long ago, I put together a list containing the ten types of dudes you'll meet at any bar or night club in Shreveport-Bossier. You can see that list HERE.

As soon as that post went live and started getting shares on Facebook, I was immediately bombarded by requests to do a new list, this time focusing on the ladies.

Being in the bars and nightclubs here in town for nearly a decade, I've seen every type of girl imaginable. I took that very large list and narrowed it down to the ten types of girls you'll meet every weekend, no matter where you go.

Enjoy and share with your friends, especially if they're on this list!


  • 1

    The Tag Along Girl

    This girl is simply along for the ride. She had no intentions on going out with the girls but the party just couldn't end after the bill at Superior was paid. So she tagged along with the group to the bar, but don't expect her to be there for a good time. She'll be a fly on the wall until the rest of the girls call it a night. Don't try to get friendly with this one, because she probably has a boyfriend and is only at the bar to support her party-loving friends.

  • 2

    The Birthday Girl

    This girl is out every weekend, at every bar, and it won't take long for her to tell you it's her birthday. Her quest for free drinks and dollar bills clipped to her dress is a long one, filled with many drunken slips and embarrassing moments. The best part about this girl is that's it's rarely actually her birthday. Most of the time, either her birthday just passed or it's coming up within the next three weeks. It's her birthday month, so buy her a drink and get used it it.

  • 3

    The Buy Me a Drink Girl

    Ah yes, here is a very popular girl who frequents every bar and night club on both sides of the river. She only brought her I.D. with her because she knows once she gets in, the drinks will be free all night. This lovely freak of the night will cozy up next to anyone in the bar, just to get what she wants. No, she doesn't want to dance or hook-up, she just wants that fireball shot and you're gonna give it to her. If you refuse to buy this lady a drink, she won't be too upset, because chances are the guy on the other side of her at the bar will. Oh and most of the time this girl will return to her boyfriend, who's also in the bar, after you buy her that expensive chick drink.

  • 4

    The One of the Guys Girl

    This chick is all about the party, and the dudes she's with make sure she has a good one. She doesn't hang with the big group of girls hogging the dance floor, instead she's pounding drinks at the bar with five of her guy friends, none of whom she's seeing in a romantic way. Nope, she's simply one of the guys, out to have fun and post funny Snapchat stories with the bros. If you're interested in this one, please, for the love of God, stay away. While the guys she's with aren't necessarily in a relationship with her, they are still overly protective and will pound you into oblivion if you make eye contact with her.

  • 5

    The Anti-Wing Man Girl

    Before we break this girl down, understand that she is the least-liked girl on this list. She is the complete opposite of fun, and her only goal for the night is to make sure NO ONE makes a move on her best friend. She is a grade-A chicken blocker and she's damn good at it. She will sniff out an approaching guy out before he makes it to the parking lot, and the guy won't even notice her until it's too late. She is ruthless, and will stop at nothing until the chicken is completely blocked. She will literally pour a beer all over her friend's lap if it means the threat will be neutralized. She's a real pain in the you-know-what and guys should spend most of their hopeful nights trembling with fear at the thought of this encounter.

  • 6

    The I'm a Bartender Too Girl

    This girl is quite possibly the greatest bartender in town, yet for some reason, she's not at work. She's certainly not shy, and will force her employment status onto anyone who will listen. Bartenders especially cringe at the sight of this lady. I'm always curious as to why this girl feels the need to tell another bartender that she is a bartender as well, like there's some type of secret bartender cult who look out for each other. No, sorry ma'am, pay for drink and move around. Sadly, considering her alleged profession, she rarely tips the actual bartenders any respectable amount.

  • 7

    The Party Animal Girl

    This chick is downright crazy and doesn't care who knows it. She's not out for a good time, she's out for the best time she's ever had in her life. She doesn't see bar tops, she sees a model runway with her name on it. Pool table? Better believe she'll be standing on it by 1:30 AM. She's wild and down for whatever, and open to a hook up if an equal party animal emerges. Chances are, not many guys in the bar can hang with this one though, but she doesn't mind. She's going to do whatever the hell she wants until she passes out or gets kicked out. For all that is Holy, please do not let this girl near a live microphone. She will find it, and she will scream incoherently into it until security can finally get her restrained. She's a lot of fun, though.

  • 8

    The I Know The Owner Girl

    It doesn't matter where you go to have a good time in Shreveport-Bossier, there will be a girl in the building that "knows" the owner. She's certainly not shy about it either, as she will make it a point to tell anyone she's speaking with about her close relationship with the top dog. Sadly, this girl also feels a bit of immunity within the establishment, since she, of course, knows the owner. That means that once the DJ doesn't play the song she requested (probably The Wobble), or when you don't let her in for free, she will turn angry and begin claiming that she can make you lose your job. Don't worry, chances are she added the owner on Facebook and likes every one of his posts about drink specials, but she probably couldn't pick him out pf a lineup.

  • 9

    The Fighter Girl

    Move over Conor McGregor, this girl is coming to take the title. She's a beast, maybe not physically, but certainly mentally. She can and will brawl at some point in the night, so keep your distance. This girl, with a little liquid courage, will fight for any reason. She's very unpredictable. You accidentally stepped on her toes on the dance floor? FIGHT! You're the girl her boyfriend messaged on Facebook? FIGHT! You blocked her on Instagram? FIGHT! You dated her boyfriend in middle school? FIGHT! Anyone that's seen a girl-fight in a bar knows that this fight is the most vicious you'll ever see. Bras are flying almost as high as the ripped out hair extensions and the mascara is practically running a marathon. Security will have their hands full with this one.

  • 10

    The Sloppy Drunk Girl

    This lovely liquor lover can go form 0-100 real quick. One second she's getting her hand stamped and the next she's grinding with Old Man Johnny on the dance floor. She knows no limit, and will drink anything handed to her until the lights come on. By the time the lights come on, she is a complete and utter mess. Her hair looks like a crime scene and her makeup has lost all form. Her clothes are somehow wrinkled and most likely torn in some places. She lost her phone hours before and is most likely in a hysterical state when it's all said and done. The worst thing about his girl is that she goes from "fun drunk" to "sloppy drunk" within one or two drinks. Once she gets to the sloppy stage, there's no turning back and more fun to be had.

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