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This is the kind of political intrigue I can get behind! It turns out that even folks at the Supreme Court level have to, uh, evacuate!

We've all been there. An endless conference call that goes on and on. Usually, there's at least one person that forgets to mute their phone and you can hear a child or a TV or maybe even a dog in the background, but a toilet flushing? Generally, if you just can't hold it, you double, triple check to make sure your line is muted... but that didn't happen in this case!

Like many, the US Supreme Court is working remotely. Yesterday, justices were hearing arguments in Barr v. American Association of Political Consultants, a case regarding robocalls and whether or not they're protected by the First Amendment. As attorney Roman Martinez was making his argument, the unthinkable happened... you could clearly, and loudly, hear a toilet flush in the background. Martinez was a total pro and he didn't let the obvious distract him, but that leaves the question, who did it?

Unfortunately, no one is claiming responsibility and no one on the call acknowledged what had happened. Maybe they were embarrassed or maybe their mute buttons were actually working? Hmmmmm... I guess we'll never know who was taking care of 'doo' process! Plus, I don't know about you, but I didn't hear the culprit wash their hands afterward either...

But the fact remains, it happened and it happened during a case about robocalls. How appropriate! Check it out here:


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