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This just might be something you can relate to. At one point in my life, I envisioned myself as becoming wildly successful with all the 'things.' But as I grew older, my priorities started to shift and my idea of what it was to be 'rich' changed. Now, I crave a simpler life, even though I would have been okay with it if I was born an independently wealthy world traveler!

So what is being 'rich?' It's all a matter of perspective. What makes you feel like you actually have money in the bank and aren't living paycheck to paycheck? I decided to ask my friends on social media for their take on being 'rich!'

1. Clearly, being able to afford an oil change when it's time is important. Even though I go to Groupon for a coupon before heading to Time-It Lube.
2. It sure would be nice to have all of your bills set up on auto-pay and not have to worry about overdrafts.
3. Having enough ready cash to take the family and the kids out to eat on a regular basis, even if it's to Chili's.
4. If your monthly credit card statements are less than your mortgage.
5. If you actually have a feasible retirement plan.
6. If you're able to put money in savings out of every paycheck.
7. If you don't have to put the co-pay on your credit card when you go to 'Quick Care.'
8. If you're able to go shopping without being tempted to apply for the store credit card just for that extra 10% discount.
9. If you can put real folding money in the offering plate on Sunday.
10. If you don't have to buy the store brand if you really want the real deal at the grocery store.

Amen! Even though I still go on Groupon first to get a coupon! What kinda 'rich' do you want to be?

Posted by Erin Bristol on Monday, April 19, 2021

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