I have recently been given the honor of becoming a bridesmaid for one of my closest friends from college. I have been watching all the different types of bridesmaid's movies to make sure I am fully prepared. I have done my research, I promise.

I found very similar features from each of the bridesmaids from the movies. There are 4-5 different types of bridesmaids.

  • The "Planner" Maid- She is dedicated to being the bridesmaids right hand lady. This is usually but not always the maid of honor or she has been a bridesmaid before and knows the routine.
  • The "Lazy" Maid- She is never on time, and honestly is only doing this because she knows that their friendship would be at stake if she wasn't apart of the bride's special day.
  • The "Party" Maid- Her goal is to have a good time. She could be seen as reckless from the other girls.
  • The "Single" Maid- She is after one thing... Groomsmen. The "party" maid and the "single" maid usually group up together.
  • The "Because We're Related" Maid (Optional)- This one could be the sheltered cousin, or the youngster. She could vary when it comes to her attitude. She could be fully invested and excited to be a maid, or she could be completely disconnected from the event entirely.

I didn't ask to be any specific type of bridesmaid, but somehow I have landed as the "party" maid, because I suggested midget strippers for the bachelorette party. Apparently no one liked that idea, and now I am not allowed to suggest things. Whatever, I am fun.