During the time that young ladies grow and mature into women there is a moment in that window of time where they obsess over one of four female icons: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Cyndi Lauper, and Lucille Ball. It actually says a lot about each women's character depending on the icon they chose.

Flora Borsi Marilyn Monroe
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If you were obsessed with Marilyn Monroe:

These are the glam queens. These incredibly independent women are helpless romantics. They are intelligent and have a tenacious drive to achieve greatness. When they arrive to a party- it doesn't go unnoticed. The spotlight gravitates to them.

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If you were obsessed with Audrey Hepburn: 

These are the classy stylish ladies. These are the women who really like to think over their words before they speak, and have an unreal strength of biting their tongue when the urge to put someone in their place arises. They are into book clubs, talented in anything they put their mind to, and have a strong need to help others.

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If you were obsessed with Cyndi Lauper:

These are the fun "wild child"s. They like to push the boundaries and cause a little (or alot) mischief in the process. It is all about good times and living in the moment with these ladies. The Cyndies are down for a fun night with the girls or just rocking it solo. She is confident and extremely brave.

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If you were obsessed with Lucille Ball:

These are the fierce, yet charming goof balls. These women are adventurous and not afraid to smash the social norms. They aren't  afraid to stick their tongue out at the person who tells them to "act like a lady". Standing out isn't an option for these women- they do it without even trying. Some might call them quirky or odd, but they are not afraid of being their true selves.

For me, I am definitely a Lucy. My mother tried to push any and every red head icon there was into my life, including her. This was apart of her attempt to make me accept and fall in love with my red hair. Getting picked on about that on a daily basis didn't really help, but my mother did succeed in this attempt of introducing me to Lucy. I idolized her. She helped me realize that I should never be afraid to be who I am.

Are you a Marilyn, Audrey, Cyndi or a Lucy?


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