Even though I've been really disappointed in people lately, an event this weekend restored my faith in human nature.

Recently, I was betrayed by the one person in the world I should have been able to trust above all others. The one who CHOOSE to be with me. Needless to say, something like that, happening out of the blue, can make you pretty jaded when it comes to others, especially the folks you thought were friends. It's quite isolating.

Thankfully, despite all that I mentioned above, I've got good circle of friends and base of support. You know who you are and I love and thank you. Then, Saturday, I got a text from my mother. She's 74-years-old and has had some serious mobility issues since falling last September and breaking her leg. She's finally becoming more independent and able to get around using her cane and is trying to do as much as she can... including mowing the section of grass in her front yard that was too wet to mow before with her little battery operated lawn mower when I'm not there to help her.

But Satursday was when my faith in humanity was restored. A young woman was driving by and stopped and told my mother that her grandmother would get after her if she knew she just sailed on by and let her continue to mow. This young woman, whom neither of us have ever met in our life, single-handedly restored my faith in others. She INSISTED that my mom allow her to finish mowing the lawn.

So thank you sweet Katie in the Haughton area. Even though I feel bad now because I hadn't hit that part of the lawn yet, you are the bomb!

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