What's more hilarious than a thief getting what he deserves? When he gets it more than once.

That's exactly what we have here, a viral clip showing us exactly how instant karma works. See, sometimes when you really deserve what you have coming to you, the world doesn't wait around. Our universe makes sure you get it, and get it very quickly.

This guy in Belgium decided to steal a pack of energy drinks. He would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those darn spiked fences. Yes, as he was making his daring escape, his pants got caught on the fence, and he hung there for sa very, very long time.

Naturally, criminals generally aren't that smart,. and this guy is no Einstein. This fact was punctuated a few hours later when the same guy went back to the same store to steal again, and then got caught in literally the same exact way,

You have to see this!


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