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Have you ever had to stop at a gas station to use the restroom, but didn't need to buy anything? If you leave without spending money, do you feel guilty? There was a fun topic about something similar on Reddit recently asking people to name those situations that are perfectly legal, but feel illegal!

One of my favorite responses was from Silver_Archer13 who said, 'Trying to lockpick my own house cause I can't find my key." Yikes! Try hanging halfway out one of your windows trying to get in. Been there done that! lol

Of course, I was convinced that my friends on social media would have some great examples so I posed the question to them and, as always, they delivered! Rick Rutledge lives in Oklahoma and he said, 'Hitting my MMJ vape. I was at a wedding this past weekend that offered a liquor bar and an “herbal” bar as well. Me and a few friends discussed the fact that 10 years ago people were being thrown in jail for life in Oklahoma for doing what we were doing... now it’s fully legal. And we still went 100% red in the last three presidential elections. Probably will again...' My how times have changed, right?

Of course, Gerald Efferson Jr. always makes me smile with his answers. He said, 'Scratching peoples back in line at the coffee shop... lol.' Aaron McAvoy mentioned sneaking snacks into the movie theater to save $20 and Mary Celichowski talked about wearing a mask into a bank. Not to be outdone, Denise Wilson, who resides in Arkansas said, 'Walking down the street with an alcoholic drink in my hand... like in a lot of LA cities (not legal in Ark).' Sometimes the beauty of living in Louisiana can't be overstated!

What are some of the things you've got yourself doing that were completely legal, but felt illegal? Check out some of the other answers on the post below and feel free to add your comments and to give me a follow!

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