The Dallas Cowboys didn't have the best game tonight in a 'Monday Night Football' appearance against the Arizona Cardinals. A couple of disappointed fans in particular became the conversation on the internet as they were featured in the stands at the end of the game.

It all started with one short clip of a couple, both who appear to be Cowboys fans, who were shown on ESPN during 'Monday Night Football'. You can see the clip of them below thanks to @BarstoolNate

Well the internet did their thing with this sheer look of disappointment and ran with it. You can see for yourself all of the Twitter posts that followed the couple's appearance on national television.

Whether you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys are not, you have got to feel a little for these fans who found themself in a tough situation. A moment of weakness, you could say.

I know how it feels to be a disappointed football lover. I am a New Orleans Saints fan, after all. I just hope the internet takes it easy on this guy.

And lastly, shoutout to home girl who is riding with her man. She deserves more credit.


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