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We're trying to be tactful, but as you know, here in the great state of Louisiana, we don't always think things all the way through and this is a perfect (and hilarious) example of just that!

I don't know about you, but this falls into the category of you can't make this stuff up. This may be worse than the story about the Gorilla Glue Girl from New Orleans. And speaking of New Orleans, this is where you can find this display of stunning intelligence. For your amusement, I present to you, the New Orleans inflatable water slide designed to maim!

Now, we know it's hot out and we'd love to have a water slide of our own, but shouldn't one think about proper placement before going to all of the trouble of setting one up? Traditionally, Florida is the 'butt' of jokes regarding out-of-control ignorance but said waterslide set up on the neutral ground in the middle of Orleans Avenue in New Orleans is clearly a vision of brilliance.

Not only is it wedged in between trees making it hard to get into, it exits directly onto the street, and also has a guaranteed sterilization program situated at the end in the form of a rather large pole. Let's just hope there aren't street car tracks underneath that neutral ground. To make matters worse, if you zoom in, you can see it's called 'Wipe Out.' Wipe out, indeed!

Looks like fun after a few too many hurricanes if it isn't taken out by a stray bullet first. Just remember to grab a helmet and a jock strap before you begin your shenanigans.

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Louisiana Vampire Author Anne Rice's New Orleans Mansion is For Sale

Before famed Louisiana author Anne Rice died in December of 2021, she brought us an incredible wealth of literature. Starting in 1976 with her first published book Interview with the Vampire, Rice captured the imagination of fans around the world. In total she penned 36 novels, including four under the nom de plume A.N. Roquelaure, two more under a different pen name (Anne Rampling), one with her son, Christopher Rice, and one non-fiction book. Her success brought her enough money to purchase this historic (and reportedly haunted) mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Now, this magnificent piece of literary history is up for sale - and it's even been reduced. The price has been slashed by $600,000, and now sits just below the $4 million mark.

If you like what you see, and you'd like to live like the Louisiana Vampire Queen Anne Rice did - just visit the realtor's page and put in an offer!

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