We love highlighting the good stories during the COVID-19 and this one brought a smile to our faces.

It's been over a month since we've made it out to any "happy hour" or had any type of adult beverage out in public with friends. This is literally one of the best times of the year to gather with friends and family to hit the patios of our favorite bars and restaurants for a few drinks—but alas, mandates simply don't allow us to enjoy that experience at the moment.

The closest I've gotten to the aforementioned has been "virtual happy hour" on a Zoom call with my classmates. Basically, all you need is a webcam, an internet connection, and a cold drink. (pants are optional)

Lots of groups, both professional and personal, have gone this "virtual" route when it comes to gathering for drinks, but I'm loving this Lafayette retirement home is doing for their members.

Who says age should stop you from enjoying happiness from a "happy hour?" These River Oaks residents are clearly enjoying a few adult beverages and with each photo, my smile got bigger and bigger.

I'm fairly certain they are "of age" and I hope they're having fun while staying safe and sheltering in place. I'm not sure who these amazing senior citizens are, but I want them to know that they brought me joy on this day.

Take care of yourself and don't forget to give yourself a "happy hour"—no matter what it is that makes you happy.

Also, can we make retirement home happy hours a thing?

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