Situated in the north east portion of the Bayou state sits Poverty Point, an ancient city dating back before the building of the great Mayan Pyramids.

Poverty Point dates between 1700 and 1100 B.C. and was created by an ancient civilization that transformed the rather flat land of northeastern Louisiana into a huge mound along with a series of ridges. The inhabitants of this region built the mound by bringing in basket loads of dirt, weighing as much as 100 pounds each, to complete their community. The highest mound is 72 feet in height, these people also built a series of ridges around the mound to serve as water collection pools for the community. The additional ridges around the central mound were spaced out to serve as flatland for their dwellings.

Poverty Point was a major trading city along a trading trail that stretched hundreds of miles across what is now the United States. They traded for stones that sometimes came as far as a thousand miles away. Curators at this site have found arrow heads on the property along with many types of figures, clay pots, spears, tools, hearth ovens and more. The most significant feature of this ancient city are the mounds and circular patterns that form around these man-made mounds.

This site earned the status of being a World Heritage site back in 2014. Tram tours of this historical site are given Wednesday thru Sunday from March to October.

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