According to Urban Leak, those creepy clowns that were plaguing the world a few years back have returned. Seriously!

We have our first spotting in the UK. (Thank goodness! I couldn't handle it if that happened here.) It was reported that two boys were cycling around when they saw a man yelling "run or die" holding what looked like a knife.

If you remember some of the stories back in 2016, there were incidents were they were holding up knives or machetes. Like clowns aren't creepy enough!

I hope that this doesn't catch on. I don't know how I made it through 2016 with all those clowns running about on the side of the roads and in the woods! Now if you see a super creepy clown creeping about make sure to take a picture for evidence and report it. There is no time for that mess.

Hey Chasity, I hope you are having the greatest day ever.

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