(With acknowledgement and apologies to Ernest Thayer, author "Casey at the Bat.")

The outlook was brilliant for the Tiger Eleven that day,

The score was nothing to nothing and there were four quarters of football to play,

When Alabama scored a field goal first, and LSU failed to answer,  

A sense of Déjà vu rose on those faithful to the Tigers.

Not even a few turned away from the scene in despair. All were resolute

In the hope that springs eternal in the human breast;

They thought, it’s just one series of downs, we got this, and it’s just

The first quarter yet.

But the kickoff returns by the gladiators in gold and purple, never

Got beyond the middle of the Gridiron assigned as to them, their area.  

On a four and out, The Crimson Tide rolled on, booting one more field goal;

In the Superdome, the air was tense, and Tiger faithful groaned.

At one point in the Second quarter, it appeared the Tide would change;

The Tigers gained a first down, now surely there’d be a game!

But when the ball was snapped some more and passes filled the air,

The Tide had gained two more field goals; at half-time, there was despair.

Returning from the locker room, commencing the second half,

A mighty roar came from the crowd; “We Got This” LSU fans avowed,

“NOW we’ll kick your a**!”

 Now the Tide kicker tees the ball, and now he boots it skyward,

It sails into the end zone, it’s time to GO you TIGERS! At least

100,000 eyes widened watching the Tiger kick return dance round

Tide defenders, only to have hope dashed aground as he was tackled gaining

Only twenty yard forward.

 The Tigers snap the ball, and pitch and roll and ramble; once again

Four downs and out, and the Tide has almost drowned them.

From the stands packed with people, went up the muffled roar; Intercept a Tide pass

You Tigers, we’re ready for a score!

The game clock ticks relentless; fourth quarter play’s frenetic.

Now the Tide has the ball, now the Tigers possess it!

Oh no, the line collapses the Tiger quarter back unprotected! A fumble

At the mid field line and hope for LSU to score negated.

The Tide quarterback again controls, a Tide running back is open;

And the air of the Superdome is shattered by the pass to him that’s rifled.

The Running back for Tide receives the ball; it’s flawless. He scampers

Into the end zone, by Tigers untouched, undaunted.


Somewhere along the bayou, the sun shines brightly down,

A Band plays Zeydeco somewhere and hearts leap and bound.

And somewhere fans are laughing and football faithful shout;

But there is no joy in Louisiana, the Mighty Tigers were handed a rout.

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