Ahh TikTok, you ultimate time waster of awesomeness. On a side note, it is kinda nice to say that I can search TikTok and it really is part of my job and not me wasting time at my desk.

But I digress.

I ran across TikTok user, josh.dad.gillett, as he pretty much nails almost any dad on a Saturday afternoon.

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@josh.dad.gillettReply to @oldhousemomma let @lowes and the @nfl know that their Super Bowl commercial is done. ##YearOnTikTok ##StrikeAPosay ##dadsoftiktok♬ Party Up - DMX

I am not a dad but I do enjoy the occasional visit to Lowe's. It is fun to peruse the various isles of 2x4's, lawn equipment and power tools. If you're low on testosterone, a visit can certainly get things back to normal. When I ran across this video, however, I got a good belly laugh out of it.

First of all, wearing the tape measure and extending it at any moment got the first laugh out of me. It just reiterates the fun that it is to extend the tape measure and let it recoil back and doing that over and over again.

Next, trying out the hammers. I mean, come on, you gotta make sure you can get the proper swing in. Especially if you're going to karate kid those nails in.

When you're wanting to remodel your kitchen, be able to stand in and "shower" is a must. You gotta make sure it's a comfortable fit. You don't want to be banging elbows on the glass door too many times.

Now of course, being able to hang some kind of sharp object from your belt certainly gives you a good feeling. I mean, who doesn't want to pretend they are a medieval knight.

Once it's all said and done, you end your trip to Lowe's with the item you originally came for, that box of screws to finish repairing the dining room chair.

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