According to Live Science, a new study has found that Tinder can effect your self-esteem and creates "body dissatisfaction".

This is kind of obvious. The entire app is based off of looks. Don't like the person's face? Swipe left. See a hottie? Swipe right. That is the entire app! That is it.

An assistant professor, Jessica Strubel, at University of Rhode Island did the research. She looked into how Tinder can manipulate your body image. She worked with around 700 women and 120 men, according to Live Science.

The ending results and information that she got out of her test subjects she found that people that use Tinder had lower self esteem than people who didn't use Tinder. And she also found out that the folks who used tinder had eating issues.

I know, scary huh?

As someone who uses Tinder I can confirm that it can effect your self esteem, but you can't let that get to you. Tinder is supposed to be fun so don't let it get to you.




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