Police and residents in the area are so tired of the latest crime spree gripping their area.  Since December of last year, 19 reports of stolen rims and tires have been made in our neck of the woods.  As of earlier this month, the latest 2 incidences of road rubber robbery occurred in Bossier City.

At the end of July and the beginning of this month, Bossier City Police have responded to calls of residents who awoke to find the rolling bits of their vehicles pilfered.  The reason for the alert is this: Officials find that these kinds of crimes come in spurts.  The concern is that this is just the beginning of a burgeoning tire theft spree.

The latest thefts occurred in the Golden Meadows and GreenAcres Place neighborhoods in Bossier City.  The most recent incidences involved Chevrolet vehicles, and in both cases the tires and rims were stolen while the vehicle was left on blocks in their driveways.

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