When you think of the romance genre, what's the first film that comes to mind? There’s a pretty good chance you immediately thought of Titanic. If so, you’re in luck. For the film’s 25th anniversary, James Cameron is bringing the movie back to theaters across the country for a wide release. Not only that, but the movie will be presented in 3D 4K resolution, with an increased frame rate to reduce the usual eye strain that can come with the 3D format.

While it might just seem like Cameron thought the world needed a little more romance, there might be another motive behind the rerelease. The 25th-anniversary release is just a few short months after his new Avatar film, Avatar: The Way Of Water. While people would probably go and see Titanic again anyway, this is definitely a great way for Cameron to have people continue to talk about the movie after its release, as well as to get people singing Cameron’s praises again.


Cameron remains one of the biggest backers of 3D films in Hollywood. The gimmick came back for a time in the ’80s, then in the early 2000s, and then in the wake of the 2009 release of Cameron’s Avatar. Every time it comes around, there's a lot of talk about how 3D is going to become the new standard. So far though, it hasn't really panned out that way. There was a huge wave of 3D around the time 3D TVs came out, but for most households, that wave failed to capture the market.

James Cameron has long been candid about the fact that he feels 3D is the natural evolution of where things should go. Maybe after this Titanic rerelease, the release of Avatar: The Way Of Water, and Jaws in September, it could see a new resurgence.

This anniversary 3D release of Titanic will hit theaters again on Valentine’s Day of 2023, while Avatar: The Way Of Water is currently scheduled for a release on December 16, 2022.

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