A colleague of mine once proclaimed to me that “Life is a laboratory and every breath is an experiment”.  I have subscribed to that way of thinking since it was first introduced to me over four decades ago.  Basically, the premise is quite simple, every day we are meant to learn and discover new things. That’s what makes life the adventure and the journey that it is meant to be. 

Sometimes the things we learn are life-changing or lifesaving. Other times the information that is presented to us is more of a trivial nature. But that too can become an important part of the fabric of our personalities too. Of all the people that you know, there are probably two or three that you know that would kick butt on a trivia show like Jeopardy! 

There is something about knowing trivia that gives us all an air of superiority. We all like to be the “one” who has the answer. Maybe that’s why we make space in our brains for these little-known facts that only seem to find the need to surface during cocktail parties, bar bets, or when parents talk among themselves at kid’s sporting events.  

Sports fans love trivia. That’s because there is so much worthless minutia that is every aspect of sport. Those that can’t be good at a sport, like to be good at knowing about the sport. Those guys are good if you’re playing fantasy football but are usually an absolute horror to be next to on a long airplane ride.  

Personally, I like subtle trivia. The kind of information that adds texture to the subject that is being discussed. This "subtle trivia" lets your audience know that you know enough to be connected but don’t really care enough to be involved. Trust me, there is nothing sports guys hate worse than an apathetic sports fan. I think I do that just so I can be a butt.  

Anyway, enough about my worthless information, let’s get to the worthless information that will get you a free drink if you make a smart bet.  

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