Biscuits. Just the mere mention of the word to a person of Southern persuasion and you'll be cleaning up the drool. We love our biscuits here in the South. I am sure other parts of the country like their biscuits too but not like we like them down here.

Today is National Biscuit Day. I mean, it's not like you really needed a reason to grab a plate but just in case you did. We've provided that for your enjoyment.

So, how do you like your biscuit?

A real Southerner will probably suggest that you top his biscuit with a good sausage gravy. Or better yet, a good sausage gravy with a sausage patty lovingly placed between the split halves of the biscuit in question.

There are those that take their biscuits with a bit of jelly, jam, or honey. As long as there is butter dripping off the sides then either or all of those condiments are welcome at most tables around Louisiana.

Now, let's discuss what goes best inside your biscuit. We've mentioned sausage, that's almost a given. Many people choose to put slices of bacon on their biscuits. I prefer a nice piece of fried steak or fried chicken. And yes, if we are talking chicken let's go with biscuits and not waffles. To me, that combo of chicken and waffles is just out of step with the universe.


Oh, and don't forget your coffee or milk. There's nothing worse than catching a crumb off of a cats head biscuit and not having any moisture to help alleviate the coughing.