A feisty 3-year-old from Michigan, who's racked up over 19 million views on his dad, Frank McCormick's, Facebook account, is showing the world why he's not to be "toyed" with. We mean that literally.

According to DailyMail, McCormick was visiting a Michigan Spirit of Halloween Store when his son Charlie came face to face with an animatronic spider. The black hairy Halloween decoration jumped out at the toddler, and that's when Charlie retaliated and commenced to slapping it as if it owed him money.

A minute later and Charlie would have ripped that spider a new one. When dad pulls him back, he tries to break free to go back in on the fake spider going as far as to say "I want to hit him!"

Check out the hilarious clip above. I think Charlie's parents may have a future boxer or MMA fighter on their hands.

[Source: DailyMail.co]

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