Out of all the commercials during the Super Bowl, this was the one I was most excited about.

I was beyond excited about Tom Brady's rumored commercial, not because I give a damn what he does next, or where he plays next, but because I have immense respect for an expert-level troll. From time to time, I like to play the troll-role myself, like with Old Town Road or "Five Reasons LSU Wont Win", but I've never seen troll perfection like Tom Brady.

For those who don't know, Tom is a master troll and often pulls stunts on his hilarious Instagram account. So, with all eyes on him and his football future, I knew his mysterious announcement during the Super Bowl would be nothing short of perfection, and man did he deliver.

In the 45 second ad, we see Tom pacing around what appears to be Gillette Stadium. The ad has a very serious tone to it, while Brady tells his family, teammates, and fans that he has an announcement to make and they all deserve to hear it straight from him.

Of course, the next line is the announcement that Hulu doesn't just stream live sports, that they also stream everything else.

He ends the ad by saying "As for me, I'm not going anywhere".

LEGEND AD FROM THE GOAT! Check it out below!


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