The big talk today was our story this morning telling about movie icon Tom Cruise and his human 'butt warmer'. That's right, 'Tom the Star' actually pays a fellow to follow him around at chilly personal appearances carrying a portable heater! Well, guess what? Tom's not the only one!

After posting the story this morning on my Facebook page, FB friend John Pellegrini wrote the following: 'This is not unique. I was on a trip to LA back in 1990 during Oscar weekend and wound up at Grauman's Chinese Theater where the Today Show was setting up. Willard, Jane, and Bryant were still hosting then. There were 3 crew people sitting in their chairs on the set. I asked the security guard what they were doing... maybe the camera crew were setting up the shots or something. Nope! The 3 crew people were supposed to stay seated in those chairs to keep them warm for Willard, Jane, and Bryant. You truly are not a major celebrity until you have your own butt warmer.'

This whole thing reminds me of the old joke about the man at the circus. His job was to follow the elephants around, shovel and bucket at the ready. One day a man asked him how could he could put up with such a horrible job and why didn't he look for something better? The man responded, 'What - and give up show business?' Sound familiar, butt warmers?


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