I haven’t been as big a fan of Tom Cruise after his split from Katie Holmes and his daughter Siri, but I just can’t forget how cute they looked while they were in town while Katie filmed Mad Money, you know the one with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah, playing with their daughter at Betty Virginia Park. That whole divorce took the wind out of his sails for me, but this might make him a little cooler in my book, not quite Top Gun cool, but doing much better. Tom is still doing his own stunts! For his movie Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation he was strapped to plane as it took off… and yes, he admits he was, quote, "Scared s***less."

It was down to the final two last night on The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe… If you missed it, Ben Higgins got sent home and we think he would be great as the next Bachelor. Ben’s exit left Nick and Shawn as the final two vying for Kaitlyn’s love. I don’t want to give too much away but the rest of the episode involved lots of jealousy, family visits, fantasy dates and suites, tears and donkeys… Yep… you better hope your DVR caught the episode if you missed it.

And here we were as fans not too long ago trying to cast Brett Eldredge as the newest Bachelor! I guess it’s a good thing that didn’t happen because he says he’s too focused on his career to sustain a relationship adding, "I am scared of getting tied down right now, because I'm so driven for what I'm doing, and I just love my music so much. That is my love."

Celebrity Birthdays July 14:
Jane Lynch 55
Peta Murgatroyd 29
Tommy Mottola 66
Jamey Johnson 40