The floodgates of opened on Hollywood’s long-kept secrets. Since the downfall of Harvey Weinstein began just a month ago, more and more women and men have come forward to share their stories of sexual assault and harassment from powerful men in the industry, from Kevin Spacey to Louis C.K. and beyond. Today a new name joined the growing list of alleged abusers: Tom Sizemore.

A new story from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Sizemore was once removed from a film set after he was accused of molesting an 11-year-old girl. According to the report, during the end of production on the 2005 film, Born Killers (not to be confused with Natural Born Killers, which Sizemore also appeared in), Sizemore was on set for a still-portrait session. While posing for pictures with a young actress who played his character’s daughter – the former actress has requested to remain anonymous in the report – Sizemore “allegedly either rubbed his finger against the girl’s vagina or inserted it inside,” according to THR.

The trade spoke with a dozen cast and crew members from the film about the allegation, including casting director Catrine McGregor, who was the first to approach THR about the incident. McGregor says that the mother of the young girl noticed her daughter was “unusually quiet” the next day. “When the girl put on her bathing suit, she told her mother that it reminded her of the day before, in an upsetting way — that the bathing suit’s contact against her felt like what happened when the man had put his finger inside her,” McGregor explained. Actress Robyn Adamson, who played Sizemore’s wife and the young girl’s mother in the film, recalled that during the photo session, she noticed at one point the girl’s eyes “got just huge, like she could’ve vomited,” and that she seemed to have trouble taking direction afterwards.

The girl’s parents allegedly spoke to police, but never pressed charges. The film’s producers Jai Stefan, Michael Manshel and Gus Spoliansky told THR that as soon as they learned of the allegation, they removed Sizemore from the set and reviewed the photographers, however claim they were unable to come up with evidence. Manshel said that Sizemore denied inappropriately touching the girl at the time, reportedly saying, “I’ve done a lot of awful things, and I’d never do anything with kids.” Sizemore eventually went to one of the producer’s homes to complete the remaining pick-up shots. Spoliansky noted that while they took the allegations seriously at the time and were willing to dismiss Sizemore from the production, they “had a fiduciary responsibility to complete the film so we decided to go about business as usual.”

While the Heat and Saving Private Ryan actor has a history of domestic violence against women, and was sentenced to 17 months in jail been for assaulting his ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss in 2003, he’s never been accused of molestation before. Sizemore declined to THR‘s request for comment on the resurfaced allegation. The now 26-year-old former actress did not address the incident with the trade, but added that she’s hired a lawyer to possibly take legal action against Sizemore as well as her parents.

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