Cooking in Louisiana just isn't cooking if you don't use Tony Chachere's!

I think we can all agree that no kitchen in Louisiana is complete without a can of Tony's... usually in several different varieties. In fact, one Louisianaian I know recently moved to Denver, CO. When he ran out of his trusty Tony's supply he decided to try his local grocer before ordering online or asking for a care package. He found his Tony's... he was just shocked to find it in the 'ethnic' aisle!

I'm not sure that we're a different ethnicity from the rest of the United States in Louisiana, but there's definitely something we have a corner on... and that's good food!

We take our spices, like Tony's very seriously in Louisiana. So when the folks at Tony Chachere's decided to pull an April Fool's Day prank, folks were either elated or highly concerned.

I can't believe I'm just now seeing this prank, but personally, I think it's hilarious! Mardi Gras colored shrimp or crawfish anyone? Enjoy!

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