I have learned something about myself that I have known for years. I am a cheapskate. You can find me squirreling away money for a rainy day all the time. It takes something really important for me to splurge on something I want.

My general rule of thumb has always been "do you need it or want it?" If it falls into the want category, I will probably find a way to avoid buying that item.

My two sons will be the first to tell you all about that rule. They have heard me say it hundreds of times. It's served them well. They are both pretty good at money management. I take a little credit for that.

It starts with the tooth fairy pay out.

When I was a toddler, the tooth fairy brought me a quarter for each tooth. I thought I was rolling in dough.

My sons got about a dollar from the tooth fairy, which sounds pretty cheap, but you have to remember that's from about 25 years ago. So I guess it wasn't too bad.
But I just found an article that shows how generous the tooth fairy is in each state.


How Much Does the Tooth Fairy in Louisiana Give Out?

According to the Dental Care Alliance, Louisiana falls about in the middle of the pack on tooth fairy payouts. The average tooth in the Bayou State brings in paid $4.36 putting us at #27 on the list of states. The most generous state is Delaware where each tooth pulls in $8.91. The cheapest tooth fairy in the country is in Iowa where youngsters get only $2.30 for each tooth.

The national average is up to $4.57. So I guess with inflation, we will be closing in on $5.00 mark per tooth by the end of this year.

I do know some parents who tell me their children got $10 or even $20 dollars from the tooth fairy. That doesn't seem outrageous to most folks. But my cheap side of my brain still has questions about giving that much money to such a young child.

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