I went to Twitter last night looking for inspiration for a story about Louisiana. I was looking for a great photo to use, so I searched "Louisiana" on Twitter, and then clicked "Photos".

I was expecting to see beautiful photos of Louisiana; instead, the top results showed me that not all is Spanish Moss and Gumbo in our great state.

Of the first 10 results, most were political. Two were sports-related. One deals with architecture. One deals with race relations. The rest, a total of 6, were all political (in some fashion); either about a particular candidate or about political issues.

I know that an election is coming up in just over a week, so politics is on many a mind. Let's just hope that this round of votes is effective in getting some progress made in uniting our country instead of dividing it.

Here are the top 10 results from the Twitter search for "Louisiana" and "Photos".


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