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LSU QB Joe Burrow has captured the hearts of the American public this football season. Here's what could stop him from receiving the Heisman.

It's no secret that Joe Burrow is the best thing to come to Louisiana since gumbo and spice. The guy transfers from Ohio State, his dream college, and finds himself down in the Bayou playing better football than any other athlete in the country. It's honestly a story fit for the big screen, and the story isn't quite over yet.

This season, operating with a new offensive system at LSU, Burrow has statistically become the greatest quarterback in the history of the SEC. This season, Burrow has thrown for 4,715 yards, with 48 touchdowns, and just 6 interceptions.

Those are certainly Heisman numbers, so it's no surprise that Joe Burrow is currently the Heisman favorite.


However, this is college football, where crazy things happen on a regular basis. So what could possibly keep Joe "Burreaux" away from the nation's top award? I have some ideas...

Here are the top five reasons Joe Burrow will not win the Heisman Trophy.



  • 1

    Russian Interference

    Russia knows a thing or two about voter interference. Should they decide that the fate of the Heisman is just as important as our national elections, we could see a vote swing that inexplicably removes Burrow from the top spot.

  • 2

    Joe Burrow Legally Becomes "Burreaux"

    Sure, this is a more of a gotcha-reason than the others, but technically if he legally changes his name before the Heisman ceremony, "Joe Burrow" will not be the Heisman winner...

  • 3

    Ohio State Pays Off All Heisman Voters

    If the deep pockets behind Ohio State decide to pay off all 870 Heisman voters, quarterback Justin Fields may just pull off the upset.

  • 4

    Heisman Molders Veto Joe Burrow

    In this scenario, the ones in charge of molding the Heisman Trophy step in and veto the vote. After all, due to the season Joe Burrow has had, the molders will likely have to create a new Heisman Trophy in Burrow's likeness moving forward, and nobody likes extra work.

  • 5

    Screw This List

    That's right, I can't think of anything else that could possibly stop Joe Burrow from winning the Heisman Trophy. GEAUX TIGERS and GEAUX BURREAUX

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